About NW Ballistics D.O.P.E. Card

I started competing in long range riffle matches (PRS/NRL) in January 2019 and after that first match I realized I needed two things, a good support bag and a way to capture my D.O.P.E. so I could reference it quickly as I engaged 3-5 targets at each stage.

I first purchased a popular tactical arm board that used two small bungee cords to keep it in place but I found these to be very uncomfortable and they did not keep the arm board in place very well. It had three slots for index cards to write down my dope but found this time consuming to remove the arm board for each stage to re-insert a new index card. I found myself writing on the outside clear page with a grease pencil that did not write that great, made a mess and not to mention the unnecessary bulk and layers that slipped from my forearm to my wrist during the stage. Overall, the product was well made but I found it to be very large for what I needed for a PRS/NRL competitive shooting stage.

I next found myself buying another popular tactical arm board that had one velcro strap and a single 2x3 card to write my dope on. I found this product to be more comfortable and less bulk but still had issues with the product staying in place due to only one velcro strap. I found the 2x3 card too small to capture the target details like target number, shape, distance, dope, etc. Overtime the white card did not clean up very well and ended up being a black and white smeared mess not to mention the card set up high and continued to get in the way every time I took my pack on and off moving from stage to stage.

I then looked at another option that would mount to the back on my hand with a bungee cord and used the same 2’’ x 3’’ white board. After trying one out I soon realized this would not be very comfortable and would end up with the same issues I had with the previous 2’’ x 3‘’ white board. I also noticed while shooting prone the dope card would be out of view on my rear support bag requiring additional time eating up the clock on a 90 sec stage and this would not solve my prior issues.

I looked at pictures of a few other options on-line and kept seeing the same similar products that normally created too much bulk, would not stay in place or give me an option to quickly write down, read and erase my dope for each stage.

I decided to create my own personal dope card that was designed specifically for PRS/NRL competitive shooting. After a few tries I was surprised how well this dope card did exactly what I wanted and the design was very original from anything else I found out there in the shooting community. I made the decision to invest in the equipment so I could refine and clean up the design to make it a custom product for PRS/NRL competitive shooters, NW Ballistics D.O.P.E. Card was completed and proudly made in the U.S.A.