The “Ballistics D.O.P.E. Card’’ was specifically designed for the PRS & NRL shooter. I tried several different tactical arm boards/dope card holders and they all fell short of what is needed for this style of competitive shooting, reference the about page for more details. This tactical arm board was designed so you can quickly write down your D.O.P.E. for the shooting STAGE and then you can easily erase it as you transition to the next STAGE. The Ballistics D.O.P.E. Card is 4"x 5" with two 1"x16" straps that are adjustable to use on your forearm in the summer or a heavy jacket in the winter. It is designed to always be visible to you regardless of the position of your arm, e.g. shooting off a barricade an obstacle or prone. The back is lined with leather that does a great job of keeping the armboard in place during these moving stages and it will not slip down or rotate on you. The Ballistics D.O.P.E. Card is custom formed to wrap your forearm for left or right handed shooters. It is recommended to wear on your non-dominate forearm so you can quickly reference your D.O.P.E. while adjusting the turret along with the ease of writing on it without needing to remove it. Your Ballistics D.O.P.E. Card is paired with a pen that quickly dries within 1-2 secs and will not smear or rub off in the rain. You can then easily remove the ink with an alcohol prep pad and microfiber cloth that are included with your order. Reference here what is included with your purchase.


The Rifle Mounted Ballistics D.O.P.E. Card first starts with a slim profile CNC machined picatinny mount from billet aluminum with a black finish that will secure under the scope. It incorporates a sturdy but flexible wire that will hold up under recoil and allows you to adjust it to your sight preference on either left or right side of your rifle. The wire is secured with hardware onto a 2’’x 2’’ velcro board that allows you to easily remove your Ballistics D.O.P.E. Card (3.5’’ x 2.5”) so you can quickly write and erase your dope for each stage.

Included with purchase is an allen key, dry erase pen, alcohol prep pads and micro fiber cloth.

Your NW Ballistics D.O.P.E. Card is a custom designed product for the PRS/NRL shooter, available in several color options and Made in the U.S.A.

Made in the U.S.A.